Business Owners…Are You Running Your Business…Or Is It Running You?

We work with business owners who want to break through to the next level.

If you are like most business owners, you're too busy.

Have you ever seen a business owner that has no free time? If you are one, then you are doing everything. You are cook, dishwasher and bottle washer. That means responsbilty for everything from networking to leads, strategy, business development, time management, goals, delegating, hiring practices, financial management and customer service. The problem is that there are only 24 hours in each day. And if you don’t fully grasp these tasks, then you have to learn quickly.   And.... you must learn to fail as little as possible at the same time.

Wasn’t your business meant to support your lifestyle?

Well run businesses serve their owners. You, the owner, shouldn’t be a slave to your business. But to see that reality means that processes, systems and personnel are in place. Things are delegated and executed with minimal supervision. Micromanagement is not an option.

Business owners using our approach see business growth from 10% – 50% in a single year.

The use of business advisory services, processes and systems is growing. Young companies that wing it, are failing miserably. But the ones that use systems are growing and growing strongly. Another key factor is the business owner list of contacts. So how vibrant is your network? If you are the business owner, then it’s a critical piece of the puzzle of success.

Learn The Simple Steps That Helped These Companies Succeed

Tanyag & Company has been helping young businesses succeed for over 15 years.

Arnel Tanyag regularly helps young businesses move to over $1M in revenue or double their income. His favorite people are 100% commission sales, independent contractors, startups, self employed, micro and small business owners. The sweet spot Arnel works with are organizations bringing in revenues of under $10 million.

  • Learn the 3 Businesses You Can Start Today

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  • Where to Find Your First Customers

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