Generate New Business For My Company

Need to generate new business for my company and become operations manager; always been a technician.

What? Can I do this? This could happen to you and your employer. Let me tell you how I may be able to help someone you know.

Chris C. was a 24 years old carpet technician with less than 10 months. The company was bought out by a new owner.

The new owner gave him an opportunity to move up in the company and make more money. They hired Tanyag & Company to work with Chris in his new role.

Chris is transitioning from carpet cleaning technician to become the operations manager handling operations and business development and sales for the company.

Chris is 25 years old. Chris struggles with Poor Self Image, Weak Energy, and Fixed Mindset. Chris wants to be successful.

Chris has no sales experience. Chris has an ISFJ personality where his weakness such as shy, take things too personally, repress their feelings, overload themselves, and reluctant to change that does not help in his new role. The new owner of the company does not have time to train him.

Chris participated in Double Your Income Resource.

We worked through all his challenges in a new role by helping him become self-aware of personality to identify his strengths, develop new skills and processes to be effective.

One of the processes was developing his business development script from the 1st conversation to setting up the appointment and closing the sale.  Another process was developed his networking script to win, qualify, and influence the right business partners for growing his business.

The results were phenomenal.

His confidence has elevated. In 60 Days, he was able to qualify the right prospects on the phone who were truly interested in doing business with his company which lead to a high closing ratio of 50% especially with leads from online channels and higher closing ratio with referrals.

Chris can generate new business for his company.

The owner of the company mentioned to me that Chris has a Business Ownership Thinking.

Chris is taking initiative and becoming results driven stakeholder.

Chris told me that parents and his girlfriend have noticed a different person, more focus, more driven, and more goal oriented.

Chris rates 9 out of 10 on how likely he would refer Tanyag & Company to a friend, family, or business associate.
Out of all the people you know, who is the next business owner who wants to invest in their key people to help them become successful in their role?


Perhaps a neighbor, business associate, relative/family member, or friend who needs this type of help.

Please contact us at 757 752 8169 right now while you are thinking of them, so I can help. I am here to help…