I Know I Can Do This!!! A Success Story

I know I can do this!!! I am hired to be a Brand Development Coordinator at SERVPRO of Virginia Beach. I have been successful in sales before. Can I do it again? I need too. What? Can I do this? Imagine this happening to you.

Let me tell you a success story on how I may be able to help someone you know. 





Dainan Gibson has been in sales since 1997. She has owned her own business for 14 years in marketing and advertising.

Her last sales position, her role was to prospect for new clients every month. Once she got the new client, she would pass it to someone in her office who would manage the relationship going forward. She called it “Hard-Core Sales.” She was hunting for new business every day. It was not fun, and that type of selling did not work well for her. It was not fun and not rewarding.

She took a position with SERVPRO of Virginia Beach were her role was the focus on relationship marketing and business development of COIs (Center of Influences). She had never done this before. She was not sure how to do it or what to do. She received a list of people to see and was told to go and market to them for new business.

She took it upon herself to seek professional support in her new role by hiring Tanyag & Company. She participated in our advisory service. During our time working together, she shared the three areas we had a tremendous impact on her business:

Area # 1: Become more self-aware of her personality, strengths, weakness, her tendency toward change, her reciprocity style, and how to communicate effectively and efficiently with other personality types to develop win-win relationships.

Area # 2: She learned the differences between takers, matchers, givers in business and how to use that information to serve people, not be taken advantage of, and still grow her business.

Area # 3: She was able to identify which relationships in her database can give her at least an average of $100,000 or more per job and have a process in developing those professional relationships in providing consistent work throughout the year.

Here are results: In the 2nd year, she brought in $1,500,000 in revenue. Her 3rd year in the business she brought again $1,500,000 in revenue. This year she is looking to bring in $2,000,000 in revenue. She is on track to do that.

Most people in that position despite the number of years working in that type of role bring on average less than $500,000 in revenue a year. With her success in bringing those significant numbers to the business, the company’s overall revenue has grown. She became a success story for her own company.

Dainan Gibson is a Raving Fan of Tanyag & Company. She shares with anyone who listens how Tanyag & Company helped her achieve her success in business and as a result has become one of the top restorations consultants for Servpro in this area. Dainan rates 9 out of 10 on how likely she would refer Tanyag & Company to a friend, family, or business associate.


Out of all the people you know, who is the business person working in relationship marketing or business development role for their company who wants to be successful; they want to # 1 or prove to themselves and other people they can do it? Perhaps a neighbor, business associate, relative/family member, or friend who needs this type of help.

Please contact us at 757 752 8169 right now while you are thinking of them so that I can help. I am here to help…