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I Have A Choice!!! A Success Story

I Have No Choice!!! My wife gave me an ultimatum, make more money from the business or get a job. I own my own business. Why can I not it make the money I need from my company to support my family? I need too. What? Can I do this? Imagine this happening to you.

Let me tell you how I may be able to help someone you know.

Carl Cleanthes/Success Story/Epic Made/Business Development

Carl Cleanthes started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 18 years old where he was self-employed. He created his first company, Creative and Art Design Studios (CA& D Studios) in 2006 whose focuses on Brand Development, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Consulting (10 years and six months). He rebranded his company; Epic Made is a design studio with a focus on adventure storytelling for outdoor and fantasy brands (

He had a passion when he was young to do video games. He could do the coding or the art. His father suggested him to do the artwork. His father was an accomplished artist. He did the artwork. He fell in love with the art. He even graduated from Old Dominion University with a BFA with Graphic Design.

He is an artist who owns a business who loves doing the art. He became a “Creativeaholic” who needed to focus on being a businessman. Did he know how to do that? He built the business to generate over $100,000 but he was not paying himself, and if he did, it was very little. His wife gave him an ultimatum, “If you do not make money from the business, you need to get a job? “

A business colleague referred Tanyag & Company. During our consultations, we found that Carl Cleanthes has excellent relationship skills. He has built an extensive network of people in Coastal Virginia over the last 15+ years that love him and want to help him. His company does excellent work and has a niche in animation and telling stories visually. We discovered the business was not seeing enough of the right ideal clients on a monthly basis (right ideal clients where clients that could give the company the margins per job and the clients can be recurring if possible).

Tanyag & Company recommend that he needed to grow his revenue, so he participated in the “Double Your Income in 90 Days” resource in August 2017. During that time, we focused on these three areas of his business had a tremendous impact.

Area # 1: Gave a sense of clarity by focusing on a simple path to follow to grow his top line business by knowing the number of people he had to contact daily to generate new business and using the resources he had at hand.

Area # 2: Stop going out to “Network” to generate new business. Setup a CRM, work your database, look for people who can use your service or can refer or introduce you to the right ideal clients.

Area # 3: Create an event to relaunch his company to his extensive network to share his “Why,” his goals and objectives for the future, his completed work, his upcoming projects, and introduce his team.

His results were his third-quarter profit margin tripled during that time, generated about $20,000 in revenue from the event which leads to two recurring clients still paying today and two key stakeholders were brought on recently (director of operations and business development director). His business is bringing more than enough income to support his family. This year, his business brought in a $35,000 in one month; one of the best months ever since he started. Tanyag & Company forecasts his business will achieve at least $300,000 or more in revenue and continue to be profitable.

Why do you still work with Tanyag & Company in the capacity of advisory service? Here are his three reasons:

Reason # 1: I see Arnel Tanyag as my business counselor. I can come to him about anything in my business, and he will listen and hear me out. He will tell me the truth if I do not want to hear it.

Reason # 2: I see Arnel Tanyag as the biggest raving fan in my business. He has my best interest at heart. He genuinely cares about the success of me as a business owner and my company, and the success of being a father to his son, and a husband to his wife.

Reason # 3: I see Tanyag & Company providing continuing business support to me as a business owner and my business now and for future growth and expansion.

Carl Cleanthes is a Raving Fan of Tanyag & Company. Carl rates 9 out of 10 on how likely he would refer Tanyag & Company to a friend, family, or business associate.
Out of all the people you know, who is the artist who owns a business who wants to grow or a business owner whose spouse or significant other gave an ultimatum (make money from the company or get a job)? Perhaps a neighbor, business associate, relative/family member, or friend who needs this type of help. Please call me at 757 752 8169. right now while you are thinking of them so that I can help. I am here to help…