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Find A Solution!!! An Inspirational Success Story

Here is an inspirational success story that I want to share with you. Find A Solution!!! I have been a Realtor for less than five years. 

Real Estate comprises a roller coaster of ups and downs. What can I do? Imagine this happening to you.

Let me tell you how I may be able to help someone you know.







Brock Thompson was a public school teacher for nine years with a Master Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA.

He decided to become a realtor with Exit Realty Central in Norfolk, VA. The first two years of his real estate career was part-time.

Going into this 3rd year, he decided to go full time. At that time, he had three children and his wife was a stay home mom.

He is the breadwinner for the family. He was experiencing the ups and downs of real estate which affected his income.

He went for a full-time teacher with a guaranteed salary and benefits while being a part-time realtor to a full-time realtor with no job.

He makes money based on a commission he earns from his principal real estate broker representing buyers and her sellers in the buying and selling of real estate.

A business colleague introduced Brock Thompson to Tanyag & Company.

Over time, he developed a relationship and expressed his concerns about the ups and downs of his business. Tanyag & Company recommended the resources, Double Your Income in 90 Days and the Sounding Board.

During that time, we found a solution by focusing on these three strategies in his business.

Strategy #1: Focus on business development always and make it a high priority despite having busy months of the doing the work as a realtor.

Strategy #2: Develop a plan to grow your business by identifying lead sources that you have and add new lead sources.

Strategy # 3: Always track, review, and evaluate your lead sources for effectiveness and efficiency.

His results are:

1) 2016 – Circle of Excellence Award Winner – Silver and # 1 Realtor in his office, 

2) 2017 – Circle of Excellence Award Winner – Gold and #1 Realtor in his office again,  

3) On track to be at least a Circle of Excellence Award Winner – Gold or higher and in the running to be #1 Realtor in his office for this year again.


Brock Thompson is a Raving Fan of Tanyag & Company.

Brock rates 9 out of 10 on how likely he would refer Tanyag & Company to a friend, family, or business associate.

Out of all the people you know, who is the realtor or real estate agent is struggling with the ROLLER COASTER OF THE ups and downs of their business. Perhaps a neighbor, business associate, relative/family member, or friend who needs this type of help.


Please call me at 757 752 8169 or email at right now while you are thinking of them so that I can help.


I am here to help…