I Am Still Successful!!!

Here is an inspirational success story that I want to share with you. 

“I had success in corporate sales in the past. I started a lawn care business as an accident because of an unexpected personal life change (divorce). I have been successful before. Can I do it again? I need to.”  –  Justin Swoveland

Let me tell you how I may be able to help someone you know. 


Here is Justin’s story:


In 2010, Justin’s whole life changed. His ex-wife back then asked for a divorce. While going through a divorce and determining the custody of his only son, his salary job with bonuses went to commission only. Eventually, he lost that position and went through a period of not holding any jobs for a long period of time. During this whole time, he needed money for gas and had to pay for child support, so he started a lawn care service as an accident and necessity to earn extra money. Justin never thought he would start his own business. Officially in 2012, he started his company, “Extra Mile Lawn Care” in Virginia Beach, VA.

Justin and I met at a networking event. Over time, he developed a professional relationship with me. Justin took my program, Double Your Income in 90 Days or Less, in his first official year in business and doubled his income. Over the years, Justin has taken many of my free and paid workshops such as The Business Owners’ Growth Forum1st FridaysDouble Your Referrals, and Business Growth for 2018. Justin has hired me for small consulting projects time and time when he needs my services. I have become a “Sounding Board” for Justin where he can get clarity  and focus, not only on the challenges of today, but for the future growth of his business and his ideal lifestyle. I have included Justin as part of my Generosity Network (Sphere of Influence) for my business.


This specific year, Justin has seen some excellent results such as:

Result #1 – He had the best month ever in his business at $22,000 in revenue

Result #2 – He is on track to clear about $200,000 in revenue for 2018

Result #3 – He is no longer pushing the lawn mowers, but he has hired staff to do that.




Justin rates 9 out of 10 on how likely he would refer Tanyag & Company to a friend, family, or business associate.


Out of all the people you know, who is a business owner who went through a divorce or a stressful life change and needs to focus on growing their business. Perhaps a neighbor, business associate, relative/family member, or friend who needs this type of help. Please call me at (757) 752-8169 or email at right now, while you are thinking of them so that I can help.


I am here to help!