I am off the Truck/Dave Cable/New Dimension Construction/Virginia Beach

I am off the Truck!!!

“I am off the Truck!” is an inspirational success story that I want to share with you.

Imagine this happening to you.

Dave Cable/New Dimensions Construction/Truck?Virginia Beach










“I am a Class “A” Contractor. I am always on the truck. I work 60+ hours a week. I have a family. I have to work to support them. Is this my life? Growing the business while sacrificing the quality of my relationships with the people I love and care about. Is this normal? No quality of life? Is there another way? What can I do? Something must change. I need it to.” – Dave Cable

Let me tell you how I may be able to help someone you know.

Here is Dave Cable’s story:

Dave was no stranger to success. When Dave was younger, golf was his life. He was a golf pro, a scratch golfer, and successful in golf sales. But, Dave left golf and pursued a
career in real estate by investing in buying, holding and developing rental properties.

He became a Christian at 28 years old. He served four years as a campus minister in Charlotte, NC, then he left and started Cable’s Quality Home Improvement. Dave moved to Virginia when he was 32 years old and changed the name of his business to New Dimensions Construction.

New Dimensions Construction/Truck/Virginia Beach/Dave Cable









I met Dave when I was the Area Director of BNI. He was a member of one the chapters that I was responsible for. I gave Dave advice on how to handle his business resulting in favorable outcomes for his business and quality of life. Over time, we developed a strong professional relationship.

Dave started his journey where his business was owning him instead of him owning his business. But over 10+ years, he has seen incredible results by participating in several of
my programs.

His net income doubled in my program, Double Your Income in 90 Days. He participated in my Peer Group service resulting in changing his belief from being a sole-proprietor/owner operator to building a company where his company provides him with income and time.

Currently, Dave participates in The Sounding Board. He has achieved three outcomes he never thought he could:

Outcome #1:
Hired an office manager, Charmaine, part-time, who answers the business phone now.
He has let go of that responsibility.

Outcome #2:
Employ excellent sub-contractors, so he does not have to be in the truck or doing the work.
He can say “No” to prospects who would not be a good fit for his company.

Outcome #3:
Does not work weekends and is home no later than 4 PM every day. Dave takes at least
2 Fridays off by lunchtime every month and takes 2-3 vacations a year.

Dave’s quality of life is extremely different. He truly owns his business!


Dave rates 9 out of 10 on how likely he would refer Tanyag & Company to
a friend, family member, or business associate.

Out of all the people you know, who is a business owner or a contractor
who wants to have a quality of life while growing their business. Perhaps,
it is a neighbor, business associate, relative/family member, or friend who
might need this type of help. Please call me at (757) 752-8169 or email
at info@tanyag.net right now, while you are thinking of them so that I can
I am here to help!!!