Are You a Business Owner
Spending 60-80 Hours a Week on Your Business?

We help business owners break out of the hamster wheel and build the lifestyle they really want.

What if you could somehow look into the future of your business?  What if you could see all the challenges and surprises ... ahead of time?   You see, one reason why 80% of the competition fail, is because they dont prepare for the challenges up ahead.   But with this report on the 10 milestones, you'll see each and every milestone your business must go through.

In this exclusive guide, I'll show you the simple steps to take as your reach each milestone in your business.   And I'm going to show you two of the most deadly ones, and what it takes to get through them unscathed.



Your Report on the 10 Critical Milestones for all Business Owners

As business owner, are you unable to step back from the day to day operations?

Do you love the business you are in, but unable to enjoy the fruits of your labor? And if you did, would the business still be in existence when you came back? Business owners love the business they are in. But there’s a problem. A big problem. No one in their business loves the business in the same way that they do. And you might be in that situation.


You Can Break Beyond The 24 Hour a Day Limit to Your Time

Owning a business shouldn’t be a struggle.  After all, you got into this business because you enjoyed the people, the problems and helping people with your solutions. You shouldn’t have to be a slave to the clock. And you’ll be a lot more enthusiastic if you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sound impossible? It’s not.


So Why Haven’t You Solved This Already?

Most business owners hit this problem when success comes.  They are so good at what they do, that it never dawns on them that they need to duplicate themselves. Most business owners have a hard time bringing in someone that might not care as much about their baby... the business.


Tanyag and Company has the Expertise To Help You Break Through Using Your Existing Staff

Arnel Tanyag of Tanyag and Company has been helping business owners break out of the time rut for over 10 years. Arnel has helped plenty of business owners through consulting, coaching, workshops and programs. If you’d like to learn more about how Arnel can help you use your existing staff more effectively, please give him a call. He’ll be happy to discuss your situation on the phone at no charge. Call 757-752-8169.


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