What’s our client type?

The clients we work with are mostly service companies. About 1/3 of our clients are married couples who work directly or indirectly in the business. In other words, a couple will work together as partners with specific roles or work where one is the owner and the other plays a supportive role. Regardless, we’re rewarded the daily opportunity to work with passionate business owners, who love what they do.

We’re fortunate to find open-minded owners, constantly seeking growth and enjoying serving people. They may not know all the answers, but they understand and appreciate the value of having an outside eye or perspective. They welcome challenges, encouragement, and are open to listening to the truth when necessary; we act as their sounding board. We prefer to work with businesses that have been established for at least one year.

Occasionally, we’ll make an exception and work with start-ups. However, we’ll first assess and the ultimate decision will depend if we believe it’s a win for all parties. We approach clients of whose industry we understand. We want to be confident that we’ll deliver results and add value. We will not take you on as a client if we do not feel we’re a good match. We look for clients who are building a team because we become part of their team. Over time, we get viewed as a non-equity partner.

Here is a list of the service industries that we’ve worked with recently:

Resident Real Estate

Financial Services

Residential Construction

Marketing Services

Business Support Services

Health & Beauty Services

Heating and Air Conditioning

Commercial Real Estate

We’re very blessed and excited to have clients who let us be part of their businesses. We’re proud to serve over 100 companies over the last 3.5 years. Here are some of our current and past clients listed below:

BK Appraisals

Trinity Tattoo and Trilogy Tattoo Company

Warrant Realty

Eternal Works

Watson Marketing Solutions

Brent Montella with Montella Realty Group

Body Logic & Chiropractic

Fresh Level Productions

Atlantic Office Machines

New Dimensions Construction

Conquering Quickbooks

WSC Home Audio

Ductman HVAC

Storybook Events