DYI 90 Days or Less (Double Your Income) – Rainmaker Challenge Series is a paid service focuses on a micro approach to work on your business. It addresses one of the key elements which is vital for your business to succeed. That component is business development (10 Elements of a Business). If you’re a business owner and or professional who actively participates, you’ll create a specific business development plan for your business. This plan includes strategies and tactics that not only doubles your income in 90 Days or Less but can be repeated and sustained. This service can be tailored for individual entrepreneurs or customized for a specific organization or company.

DYI 90 Days or Less includes:

  • Experienced trained business facilitator and advisor
  • A situational assessment of you, the owner and your business
  • A behavioral assessment of you, the owner
  • 90 to 150 minutes weekly DYI sessions
  • A customized action plan with specific goals and objectives, and specific strategies and tactics for business growth
  • A community of like-minded business professionals which will provide accountability and guidance
  • Access to specific tools and resources designed to help double your income

About 45% of the participants doubled their income in 90 Days or Less and 20% of those 45% continually grow their business and have become leaders in their professions locally, statewide and nationally.

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