“How are you wired?”: Part 3 focuses on knowing your Business Owner Profile. This profile shows how you work, run your business, and gives insight as to the type of business owner you are.

To know your Business Owner Profile, you can go to a resource created by a fellow colleague and friend, Chuck Blakeman. It is called “The Apex Profile“.

There are three basic profiles: 1) Market Driven, 2) Process Driven, and Product Driven. These profiles are not tied to your personality. Once you determine your Apex Profile, you can learn how to use your strengths and cover your weaknesses in order to become a business owner who actually owns a business that produces results.

When I work with clients in the series, “The Rainmaker Challenge”, I have all of them take the Apex Profile test in order to determine what are their primary and secondary business owner profiles. This allows me to help my clients make better decisions in running their business utilizing accurate information about themselves.

Let me share my results with you. I am S/M Profile (Systems/Market). My market focus was 29%, my system focus was 45%, and my product focus was 26%.

What does that mean in regards to my business? From the Apex Profile, here are the recommendations:

1) I am a mix of a marketer and systematizer. This mix can grow a very successful mature business that makes money if the owner can get a product focused into the business very early on at the outset if possible.

2) One of my weaknesses as a S/M Profile is that I am not good in starting a business. I can be distracted by sitting around and thinking about the best processes for production or what the future looks like before the present has been taken care of.

3) Here are some of my Identifiers: a) Detail oriented, tendency to be structured, but like new ideas and market ideas, b) Good thinker/researcher with understanding of their market and customer, and c) Creating Consistent Operations and Productions, a business manager who knows customer service.

I agree totally with these results, so I am working to systematize the process of the workshop and the series of “The Rainmaker Challenge”.

If you are interested in taking the test and learning your business owner profile, click this link, Apex Profile. Click the tab, “Get Started”. Type your e-mail address and click next. Apply this promo code, “T201025″and you will receive a 25% discount for the test (Apex Profile Affiliate). It will only take 20 minutes to complete the test.

My next post will be “How are you wired?”: Part 4. This will focus on knowing your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energy and how it affects your performance in business.

If you have any questions or comments about this post do not hesitate to contact me or drop me a comment.