Our process to find clients is very simple. We do not cold call or perform cold walk-ins. Our clients come from favorable introductions from existing or past clients, members of our Generosity Network, and professional organizations we partake in. We do not sell our services; we have people buy from us.

The question is, “How?” We believe in providing value first; we do this by hosting free events and workshops such as: REALTORs and its Affiliates’ Growth Forum, Business Owners’ Growth Forum, 7 Habits of Doubling Your Income in 90 Days or Less, and the Secrets of Doubling Your Referrals in 90 Days or Less.

These opportunities allow us and others to share knowledge, wisdom, and experiences to help the attendees develop. We want business professionals to experience what we offer at least 2 to 3 times to see how we serve people. This time should be sufficient for them to determine if we’re the right fit for their businesses. We don’t want the decision to be ruled by emotion, but rather the decision be purely business centered. The point to get across is that we have their interests in mind – business growth and helping them achieve their ideal lifestyle. They’ll let us know if we’re the right fit. Likewise, we’ll know if they’re not the right fit for us. The information we share at our events and workshops is gathered from 15 years’ worth of experiences working with small business owners. We share information freely; we’re givers.

Our process begins when a business owner becomes a client. Let’s say you were to become our client… You’ll spend at least 30 days evaluating our situational analysis of yourself and your business. We’ll implement several assessment tests and a series of questions to help us get a baseline of you and your business. We’ll discuss the future in terms of what the business can give you in 1 to 3 years from now. What will you be doing? What does that look like in a year from now? What are the current challenges right now in the business that we need to address to move the business forward? What is the next step in the process that would give you confidence? Are we moving in the right direction?

After these questions are answered, we’ll guide you to one of our offered services or combine a few (i.e. DYI 90 Days or Less and The Sounding Board). You’ll stay in one of the services until we help you or the business owner achieve that ideal lifestyle. If you don’t show an incremental gain of value and money over a period of time, we will remove ourselves as your business advisor. We have no contracts. All, we asked is for you to sign an enrollment form for the services, along with the engagement agreement. These documents confirm your commitment to participate as a client of Tanyag & Company. About half of Tanyag & Company’s clients stay an average of 3 or more years.

Our process is simple if a business owner wants to leave. We ask that you inform us over the phone or we’d be glad to schedule a meeting in person. Please inform us why you’re leaving. We’re grateful for this constructive feedback; we always want to improve our process for retention. We might challenge your decision but overall we respect your decision. We’re not going to keep you on as a client if you don’t see value in our services. We hope to be able maintain a professional relationship with each other and help each other despite not being a current client. Chances are, you’ll see us again. Ultimately, we believe in developing, cultivating and maintaining long-term relationships.