When executed successfully, this paid workshop is designed to double or exceed your number of received referrals within 90 Days. It’s a proven strategy supported by specific tactics used in business development. This strategy is highly customized to the business owner and the business. This workshop can be tailored for individuals who are responsible in bringing in new business or customized specially for an organization or company.

This workshop will include:

  • 40+ page workbook
  • Experienced trained business facilitator and advisor
  • 3 hour workshop with like-minded business owners or business professionals
  • All access to the secret Facebook page to all participants with updated content
  • Access to a monthly 1 hour group lunch with the facilitator to work on the Process of Favorable Introductions when available
  • Free admission to attend upcoming workshops when available

Participants of the Secrets of Doubling Your Referrals in 90 Days or Less Workshop leave with a definite and detailed process of who, how, and what to ask. There’s an immediate increase in business after the process is applied.

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