Services and Programs

Tanyag & Company delivers value through its services and programs. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach to your business development. But on the other hand, we do keep seeing certain needs crop up in the business community. Because of this, we’ve created four effective programs:

REALTORS and Affiliates Growth Forum: This forum is for Realtors and real estate affiliates to share and learn about unique challenges and solutions that exist in the real estate world.

Business Owners Growth Forum: As a business owner, your primary focus should be growth. If you are busy putting out fires all the time, then maybe you should check out this group. The participants in the BOGF bring serious issues to the table, and get some serious answers to help drive growth.

7 Habits of Doubling Your Income: This is a program to help business owners narrow their focus to just a few valuable habits. These habits will help you double your income as a business owner.

Secrets of Doubling Your Referrals: One area that many business owners ignore by accident is referrals. Tanyag & Company is well experienced in referrals and how to develop them.

    Not all services fit all businesses.  The key is to know what milestone your business is at.

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    We offer Services that help desperate businesses

    Tanyag & Company has experience with plenty of businesses. As a matter of fact, we have over 15 years of business experience. Business Development is not our hobby. Its our lifeblood. We’ve worked with all kinds of businesses in helping them grow their business lead generation, alliances, and processes. Here are some business growing services that we offer:

    • Real Estate Business Processes
    • Real Estate Outsourcing
    • Lead Generation Tactics
    • Time Blocking Strategies
    • Lead Management Techniques
    • Business Networking Steps