This paid service focuses on a macro approach to work on your business by addressing the 10 Elements of a Business and the 10 Milestones of a Business. If you’re a business owner or business professional who actively participates, you’ll work with a yearly strategic plan. This plan includes specific goals and objectives to achieve while creating your ideal lifestyle for yourself, family, and the community you serve. This service can be tailored for individual entrepreneurs or customized for a specific organization or company.

The Sounding Board includes:

  • Experienced trained business facilitator and advisor
  • A situational assessment of you, the owner and your business
  • A behavioral assessment of you, the owner
  • 2 to 2.5 hours monthly sessions
  • Customized yearly strategic plan focusing on achieving its goals and objectives every quarter
  • A community of like-minded peers providing knowledge, wisdom and accountability
  • Meeting with your business advisor if needed, at least once a quarter

Members of The Sounding Board have had successful business growth while enjoying their fruits of their labor immediately versus later. They benefit sooner because they’re simultaneously resolving business issues and facing challenges while constantly working towards their business goals.

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