On Fridays at 10 AM in Virginia Beach, VA, I conduct a unique networking event, “Friday AM w/ Tanyag & Company for 1 hour. My topic for this week was “The Three Secrets of Doubling your Sales”. Learning how to double your sales is needed for successful business growth.

From my experience being in business for 13+ years, there are only “Three Secrets of Doubling your Sales”. The three secrets are 1) Increasing your closing ratio, 2) Increase your average sale, and 3) Increase the number of people who are seeing weekly. Depending on how you sell and your circumstances, you may only have to focus on working on one secret or a combination of two or all of them at once. It is a preference of choice.

Let me explain. Let’s say your closing ratio is 30% and focus on raising your closing ratio to 60%, you will double your sales. How about if your closing ratio is 65% but your average sale is $1000 and you can work on getting your average sale to $2000 and increase your # of prospects send a week from 2 to 6 people a week, you will certain double your sales.

Doubling your sales is possible if you work on one or more of the “Three Secrets of Doubling your Sales”. In conclusion, I leave you with this, “Doubling your Sales” can be done.