I have observed that the soaring unemployment rates have resulted to high number of qualified and competent people remaining jobless. This has created a wide variety of options from where the employers can choose the specific qualities and virtues which they would like to see their employee’s poses. Consequently, people seeking new jobs and promotions must be competitive enough to ensure that they are the best amongst their peers. Hence it is important to poses extra qualities besides basic qualifications to satisfy and impress the employer and influence them to consider the person for employment or promotion.

What Qualities Employers Look For

Consistency and reliability

Some of the virtues that impress employers are consistency and reliability on employees and potential employees. These are qualities that involve the employees keenly following instructions and keeping their words in all their undertaking. Amongst the habits that portray a person’s consistency and reliability include keeping time and strictly following the rules set by the employer. These virtues can be detected during recruitment and interviews by observing the recruit’s dressing and firmness in answering the questions asked. However the virtual becomes clearer after employment where the employees are provided with rules to follow on regular basis.

Flexibility and adaptability

Other qualities that employers look for are flexibility and adaptability. This is attributed to the fact that majority of jobs keeps on evolving especially due to economical and technological changes. Consequently the employees will at some time be required to perform duties which are not in their job description. Some of the employees complains or completely refuse to perform any task as long as the work is beyond their scope of work. As a result employers are compelled to look for other alternatives which are not only costly, but also time consuming. Thus employer would rather have employees who can easily change and adapt to the new developments around them.


Employers also prefer employees who are loyal and committed to both their work and the company’s welfare. This is because committed employees are always willing to go even extra steps to achieve both their personal and the collective company’s objective. The employees are also not likely to disclose the employer’s and company’s secrets to competitors. Furthermore, loyal employees are not likely to desert their duties without prior notification. Thus if a loyal and committed employee is unable to continue with their jobs for various reasons, they usually takes the initiative to inform their employer in time so as to facilitate smooth translation and identification of a suitable replacement thus not disrupting the employer’s work.


The diverse virtues that employers look for from employees are usually not easily detected during initial interviews since majority of the potential employees are always in their best behaviors. But upon being employed, the negative and positive qualities begin to manifest themselves. This allows the employer to make choices on the people to be promoted and those to be left out. Some of the qualities are natural while others can be acquired or dropped depending on their importance. Hence it is advisable for employees to always try to drop the negative qualities and strive to acquire the positive virtues so as to impress their employers.


This post is inspired by visiting http://www.skyerecruitment.com, an Australian job search company. Damian is freelance writer and online marketing specialist.