Realistically, we ask ourselves the same question when considering working with you. Before you think we’re pretentious fools, let’s delve into this further. See, we believe working with you is a privilege; your business is our business and we highly respect it. However, we believe we individually choose to work together. Emotions are irrelevant when entrepreneurs make their decisions; it’s purely business. We’ve learned and accepted that we must develop a partnership and trust is earned. We value our partnerships, are confident in our skills and we do it all without long term contracts. It’s a duel investment and we prefer you let us go if we fail to bring value to you and your business. Ultimately, the more accurate question is, “Are we a good fit for each other?”

At Tanyag & Company, we’re thorough, analytical and detail oriented. We’ll research your business, explore your company’s culture and see what it’s all about. We want to understand your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. To strengthen our partnership, we must know how you work and think to best serve you. Like a personal relationship, compatibility and communication is important in a business relationship. We want to foster an easy and mutually beneficial rapport. So, if the opportunity arises, choose us because we’re just like you. Like you, we’re passionate about your business and its success. We’re constantly assessing, ensuring we make the right decisions with you and want to see you achieve greatness.

We guarantee you’re our priority. However, we want you, as the business professional, to become familiar with what we’re about before becoming a client. Our foundation is based upon establishing the best course of action and tailoring that plan to suit your business needs. We want to meet and then exceed your expectations. Our ability to help small business owners is based on our understanding of the intricacies of each business. We put you first and are confident we can truly help you succeed. However, we recognize we’re not experts in everything. We acknowledge we don’t know all the answers, nor do we claim to know everything. Our expertise involves us seeking the best solutions by finding necessary specialists who share the same values and beliefs to help your business grow.

We’re resourceful, a solution based company and will collaborate with you. When you’re ready, we become your sounding board with the focus on being bias towards your success but unbiased towards your circumstances. We’ll tell you the truth without ego or hidden agenda. We don’t seek recognition or praise. We work behind the scenes; freely giving resources to expand your business network. We utilize other knowledgeable business professionals who become a resource for your development. Together, we seek to find the answers by building and cultivating a business community that supports your growth. We strategize together, to figure how to power through the challenges you meet and navigate you toward your potential.

If we work together, we’ll be able to show how dedicated we are about helping you develop your business. We have over 15 years of experience; so, business development isn’t our hobby, it’s our mission. Our duty is to ensure your goals are identified and met. We’ve seen successes and failures; however, hardships yield strength, perseverance, progress and change for the better. The choice is ultimately yours. But the true question is, “Do you choose yourself?” Only you can make the best call for your company. Choosing us is the easy part but putting in the work is hard. We’re here to relieve you of the burden of building your business alone. Allow us to guide you, and united, we’ll help build your empire.

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